Performances and Pennsic Classes by Orluk Artists for 2017

Atesh’s 2017 Pennsic classes at the Middle Eastern tent:

Sunday 8/6 1:00pm  Cued Improv, Folkloric Style!

Learn three slow, three fast combinations of Tribal Odyssey Bellydance "lead-and-follow" format, based on classic Egyptian style; for duets or larger groups. PDF notes provided online. Finger cymbals optional.  

Monday 8/7 1:00pm Cued Improv with SWORDS! (w/Siyala)

Tribal SWORD Combos! Learn Tribal Odyssey Sword combinations and cues, including how to change leaders, with Atesh and Siyala of Orluk Oasis. Yes it really is easier than it looks! PDF handouts online. Balanced Dance Sword required.

Wednesday  8/9 1:00pm Cued Improv with FAN VEILS! (w/ Siyala)

Tribal FAN VEILS! Learn Beautiful follow-the-leader combinations using two silk fan veils. Atesh and Siyala of Orluk Oasis team up to teach these easy combinations. PDF handouts online. Fan Veils required, at least 1 meter silks.

Thursday 8/10 4pm Atlantian Madrasa Social
A social meeting for Atlantians interested in period arts and culture of the Middle/Near East. Get to know your FB friends! We’ll enjoy light refreshments in the shade and chat about our cool projects, garb, or discuss future plans! Under the red and black Bedouin tent by the Bab Al-Waha (Orluk Oasis gate).

Guedra-North African Trance Dance
Dance and chant will be taught, as well as some background info. New information this year, as Mistress Jadi Fatima joins us. 30-45 minutes instruction (men welcome during instruction only) followed by performance of Guedra. Until our voices give out, we'll chant the Guedra for 1 to 4 dancers at a time. Bring a veil if you think you might want to dance. Everyone must participate in chant; no singing talent required, no dancing experience necessary. Bring water to drink. Avoid wearing large jewelry.
Length of Class: approx. 2 hours 
Age Limit: None
Teachers: Mistress Jadi Fatima and Lady Kharajin of Turku
Orluk Oasis
Second Sunday (6th), 8pm

August 4,5,6 : Beginner choreography to saiidi rhythm

August 1,2,3 Intro to Tribal Odyssey Group Improv
Length of Class: 1 hour Time TBA
Teacher: Rajni
Orluk Oasis
Ottoman Singing Class for Aug 5-8 from 11am-12pm
Teacher: Master Osman
Mid Eastern Class Tent
Neefa's Saree draping class
Monday August 7 from 10am until 11am
Orluk Oasis

Link to Haberci; suppliment to Pennsic schedule featuring ME classes, performances, and haflas compiled by Rajni

In addition to Pennsic, some artists of Orluk teach at a yearly festival in the Virginia mountains, Darbukastani Independence Days on the first weekend of June.