Performances and Pennsic Classes by Orluk Artists for 2018

Guedra-North African Trance Dance
Dance and chant will be taught, as well as some background info. New information this year, as Mistress Jadi Fatima joins us. 30-45 minutes instruction (men welcome during instruction only) followed by performance of Guedra. Until our voices give out, we'll chant the Guedra for 1 to 4 dancers at a time. Bring a veil if you think you might want to dance. Everyone must participate in chant; no singing talent required, no dancing experience necessary. Bring water to drink. Avoid wearing large jewelry.
Length of Class: approx. 2 hours 
Age Limit: None
Teachers: Mistress Jadi Fatima and Lady Kharajin of Turku
Orluk Oasis
Second Sunday (5th), 8pm

Ottoman Singing Class

Orluk Oasis
Thursday, Aug 2: 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Friday, Aug 3: 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Sunday, Aug 5: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

*Singing Class Performances with Mehteran*
Saturday, Aug 4: 7:00pm: Opening Ceremonies, Battlefield
Monday, Aug 6, 2:00pm: Marketplace Parade March
Further performances to be determined

We will be rehearsing past songs for performance this year, and teaching the Ottoman martial composition "Ceddin Deden," that was/is commonly performed in the Mehteran Janissary Band. This piece of music is typically performed with singing. As such, we will be teaching a singing class to learn this song in the original Ottoman Turkish language. What will you learn and experience: an Ottoman song "Ceddin Deden" and its history; the musical modality *Makam Huseyni*; pronunciation of Ottoman Turkish along with a brief history and etymology. The 3 classes will be progressive; however, students may join in when they wish, although attendance at all the classes is strongly encouraged

Teacher: Master Osman

Cholis: Yes, They Are Period; You Can Make One! Shakti Drawing on historic artwork, this class will provide an overview of a selection of women's choli/upper body garments, covering a broad range of times and places within medieval India. Documentation gained from historic artwork will be discussed followed by a demonstration of pattern construction to ensure a well-fitting and comfortable garment.
Thursday - 8-9-18 (second week of Pennsic) 9:00am 2-hour class at A&S 12
Taught by Neefa and Shakti

Teacher: Jackie
Wednesday 8/1, Thursday 8/2, and Friday 8/3, Monday 8/6, Tuesday 8/7, and Wednesday 8/8
9:30am- Orluk Oasis

In addition to Pennsic, some artists of Orluk teach at a yearly festival in the Virginia mountains, Darbukastani Independence Days on the first full weekend of June.