Performances and Pennsic Classes by Orluk Artists for 2018

16th Century Deccani Sari Wrapping
Come learn to drape your sari like a 16th century Deccan lady. Bring a belt /cord that can fasten/tie snugly around your waist. Flat cording works better than round. (Flat cotton webbing you can buy at JoAnn Fabrics works great) Bring a length of cloth 5-9 yards long and wide enough to be tucked in at your waist and reach your ankles.
Tuesday of War week, August 7th. 11:00-12:30 at my encampment -
Orluk Oasis
Taught by Neefa and Shakti

Guedra-North African Trance Dance
Dance and chant will be taught, as well as some background info. New information this year, as Mistress Jadi Fatima joins us. 30-45 minutes instruction (men welcome during instruction only) followed by performance of Guedra. Until our voices give out, we'll chant the Guedra for 1 to 4 dancers at a time. Bring a veil if you think you might want to dance. Everyone must participate in chant; no singing talent required, no dancing experience necessary. Bring water to drink. Avoid wearing large jewelry.
Length of Class: approx. 2 hours 
Age Limit: None
Teachers: Mistress Jadi Fatima and Lady Kharajin of Turku
Orluk Oasis
Second Sunday (5th), 8pm

Ottoman Singing Class

Orluk Oasis
Thursday, Aug 2: 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Friday, Aug 3: 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Sunday, Aug 5: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

*Singing Class Performances with Mehteran*
Saturday, Aug 4: 7:00pm: Opening Ceremonies, Battlefield
Monday, Aug 6, 2:00pm: Marketplace Parade March
Further performances to be determined

We will be rehearsing past songs for performance this year, and teaching the Ottoman martial composition "Ceddin Deden," that was/is commonly performed in the Mehteran Janissary Band. This piece of music is typically performed with singing. As such, we will be teaching a singing class to learn this song in the original Ottoman Turkish language. What will you learn and experience: an Ottoman song "Ceddin Deden" and its history; the musical modality *Makam Huseyni*; pronunciation of Ottoman Turkish along with a brief history and etymology. The 3 classes will be progressive; however, students may join in when they wish, although attendance at all the classes is strongly encouraged

Teacher: Master Osman

Cholis: Yes, They Are Period; You Can Make One! Shakti Drawing on historic artwork, this class will provide an overview of a selection of women's choli/upper body garments, covering a broad range of times and places within medieval India. Documentation gained from historic artwork will be discussed followed by a demonstration of pattern construction to ensure a well-fitting and comfortable garment.
Thursday - 8-9-18 (second week of Pennsic) 9:00am 2-hour class at A&S 12
Taught by Neefa and Shakti

Teacher: Jackie
Wednesday 8/1, Thursday 8/2, and Friday 8/3, Monday 8/6, Tuesday 8/7, and Wednesday 8/8
9:30am- Orluk Oasis

Digitally Reconstructed Textiles for the SCA
Let's talk about digitally reconstructed textiles. A gathering for the Spoonflower Curious. We will be meeting in a digitally reconstructed Ottoman Sultan's pavillion, surrounded by many examples of photoshop produced textiles that will help show the potential of the medium and spark our discussion of theory. No photoshop experience necessary to fully participate and benefit from this talk.
Teacher: Carla (Lady Kharajin of Turku)
Tuesday 8/7 1-3pm
Link to Facebook Event Page

In addition to Pennsic, some artists of Orluk teach at a yearly festival in the Virginia mountains, Darbukastani Independence Days on the first full weekend of June.